Last Mortal #4 preview on CBR


I‘m very proud of this book, especially part four. And it has a double page spread car explosion in it 🙂






4 responses to “Last Mortal #4 preview on CBR

  • Alec (@ACFred)

    I can’t wait for that one. The story and art complement one another so well in books 1-3 and the direction you’re taking it is amazing.
    By the way, I picked up the Batman 80-pager and saw your artwork in there. What do you think of the coloring they did on that one? Do you wish it had stayed with your B&W to create a distinction between the stories and styles, or was the color in there to make sure there wasn’t such a jarring difference?

  • tnachlik

    thanks alec! batman was artwise a transition between last mortal and the top cow project i’m doing now. it’s not easy to answer your question, i probably should have left more space for the colorist, on the other hand it would mean to give up some control over the artwork which is something i’m not good in. would you like me to send you a black & white pdf version of my batman pages? i love to hear your opinion.

  • Alec (@ACFred)

    Man, I’d love to see the B&W originals for Batman, so I’d really appreciate looking at the PDF file. I’m at Thanks!

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