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  • Alec (@ACFred)

    Hey there. Do you ever sell any of your original artwork from the comics you’ve done? You coming to any California comics conventions this year?

  • ewj9

    Hi Tom – can you help? I am the author of a book called ‘Absolute Relativity – Theory of Everything’ – via amazon books USA. I would like to send a copy to Mr Nantell and Casey – it contains new ideas which they may be very well interested in. Thanks in advance and kind regards
    edward johnson 0033 963 245 413 France

    • TH

      hi edward!
      i can not help you directly and since fox already acquired the rights i’m pretty sure the story and concept are all wrapped up. maybe try to contact dan jinks company or top cow.


      • ewj9

        Hi Tom

        Thanks very much for your reply and Happy New Year to you…..I hope you had an excellent Christmas!

        Yes good points….however – you know the world of books and films can vary quite a lot according to artistic impression etc and emotional involvement of the writers may vary the true word written

        I have tried Jan Jinks – without success – however I will try Top Cow that is a new one on me.

        I have an new intuitive insight which he may be interested. Just as exciting as String Theory – but – is accessible for the mind to understand. Unlike ‘SS’ – and probably just as credible as a theory of the universe ( local one at least ).

        With kind regards


        0033 963 245 413

      • TH

        thanks! happy new year to you, too!


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