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Batman fan art

Click to enlarge.



Assassin’s Creed fan art

I managed to take a break from playing AC Unity for a moment to… draw an Assassin’s Creed fan art picture of a modern Assassin.

All digi, click to enlarge.


Blast from the past…

…because wordpress and I are celebrating our 8th anniversary today!

New inks over Last Mortal pencils from 2008. Click to enlarge to a 300dpi beauty.


Battle of The Planets: Zoltar fan art

Click to enlarge.

BOTP zoltar

Finished panel

Manga Studio 5, Wacom Cintiq. Click to enlarge.


Alec King then and now

To the left – Alec King from the last panel of Last Mortal, published 2011 by Top Cow, and to the right – same character re-inked in 2015. Always wanted to do this.

Photoshop/Manga Studio 5. Click to enlarge.


Panel from my upcoming webcomic “072”

click to enlarge:

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